Straight Hair vs. Curly Hair… I Confess

I recently made a visit to Huetiful Hair Salon to get my hair straightened and trimmed. I love this place because the stylists there are extremely knowledgeable about natural hair. Every time I go there, I learn something new. When I went, I was so excited to get my hair straightened. Now, I usually have an option. I can either get my hair trimmed and straightened or trimmed and done in a natural style. Usually, I always opt for the silk-out. Why, you ask? I confess; it’s because sometimes, I just get tired of my curls and straight hair is a lot easier to handle.

Even though sometimes I may get tired of doing my hair, twisting every night, taking the down the twists every morning, I still love my curls; and, usually when I get my hair straightened, a week later I want my curls back. So, I guess you could say I have two confessions.

Naturals, have you ever gotten tired of your curls and ran to straight hair? Then once your hair was straight, you started missing your curls? If you have, tell me about it! We all have something to confess! Why not do it right here!?

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The SECRET to getting Rid of Breakage

The ways to avoid hair breakage are pretty simple. But, what do you do when you already have breakage? The best way to eliminate the breakage and start fresh is to get a cut or a trim; which one you get can be dependent on the amount of breakage you have. As I stressed earlier, trimming should be a part of every natural’s hair regimen. Trimming the hair regularly easily gets rid of split ends, which is breakage, and dead ends. It allows the hair to rid itself of anything that is keeping it from growing healthy. Moisturizing the hair is another way to help with breakage. If your hair is well moisturized, it is less likely to be dry which can eliminate breakage.

It is important to keep in mind, that the one thing that can completely get rid of breakage is a trim. Moisturizing the hair and not manipulating it so much are things that can keep breakage from happening not get rid of it completely if it is already present. So, if you have breakage, get that trim and do the necessary things you have to in order to avoid it.


Have you ever had to twist or braid your hair every night, and if you didn’t, you would wake up in the morning with your fro stuck to your head and more frizz than curls? This has happened to all naturals at some point, I’m sure. I mean sometimes, we are just too tired to twist or braid our hair up at night. But, if we don’t and it is messed up in the morning, we can always trust the puff to make our hair look halfway decent!

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The SECRET Behind Avoiding Breakage

When I was relaxed, I dealt with a ton of breakage; which is one of the reasons why I’m natural today. So, when I became natural I did tons of research on ways to avoid breakage. One of the many things that were stressed in my research was moisturizing the hair on a regular basis. Now, moisturizing the hair can mean a lot of things. It can mean deep conditioning every time you wash. It can mean, doing hot oil treatments once a week, it can mean applying a moisturizer to your hair daily, or it can mean giving it a much needed dose of H2O on a daily basis. It doesn’t necessarily matter what your moisturizing routine is, as long as you have one. If your curls are moisturized, they will be stronger and will be able to keep the breakage at bay. Unfortunately, I have had to recently deal with breakage. A while back, I decided to color my hair. I did everything I thought I should to avoid breakage due to the color. However, the one thing I didn’t do right was allow a professional to color my hair. I know we all want to save money; but, it is definitely worth spending the money to get a professional to color your hair. It saves time on the maintenance you will have to do if your tresses begin to break due to the color. So, if you do decide to color your curls, make sure you let a professional do it.

In addition to moisturizing and allowing an expert to color your hair, decreasing the manipulation of the hair will also minimize chances of breakage. Many naturals, like myself, like to play in our curls. We like do several styles that call for the usage of headbands, ponytails, and other cute hair accessories. To compliment these accessories, we like to do twist-outs, updo’s, braid-outs, and other cute styles. There is nothing wrong with wanting to do several different things with your tresses; after all, that is the fun in having natural hair. However, playing in your hair too much may cause breakage. When I first became natural, my hair was so short that I tended to wear a lot of headbands. Well, in doing research, I found that wearing headbands too much can cause the front edges of your hair to break off, producing bald spots. Once I found this out, I limited my use of headbands. One way to avoid manipulating your hair so much is doing protective styles. Protective styles allow the hair to rest; thus allowing it to grow.

The secret is out! Now, you know how to avoid breakage. But, what if this has already happened to you? Well, I have a secret for that too! Stay tuned! 

The SECRET Behind Breakage

Breakage is one of the many things that Naturalista’s dread and strategically try to avoid. We try to make sure that our hair is always moisturized. We try to keep combs and brushes out of our hair unless we are detangling, and most of all we try not to manipulate our hair that much (which can be the hardest thing to do; well, at least for me). Yes, breakage is something that motivates us to keep doing the things we need to do to our hair in order for it to be healthy and to grow. So, what exactly are the things we should do to our hair to avoid breakage? And, if for some reason, breakage does happen to curse us, what should we do if it happens? I have the secrets to avoiding breakage and getting your curls back if it does happen! Stay tuned as I unveil all you need to know about natural hair and breakage, all right here on The Natural Hair Diary! 

#Naturalgirlproblems Spotlight

This week’s #Naturalgirlproblems spotlight is on Chaniece! Here is her #Naturalgirlproblem comment:

“When your cute bantu knot out or twist out, puffs up due to humidity.”


I can totally relate to your natural girl problem. I HATE when I have a bangin’ twist out then, when I walk outside, my curls turn into a matted, poofed up mess. I love big hair, but not extremely noticeable poofy hair. Unfortunately, there is no way to combat this natural girl problem. The only thing we can do is embrace it!

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