Mane Choice Vitamin: Six Week Update

It’s been six weeks since I’ve been taking the Mane Choice Vitamins. In my last update, I was raving about the vitamins; and, I still am. I am pleasantly surprised, and extremely pleased, with the amount of growth I have seen since I first started taking them. Currently, I have yarn twists in that I’ve had in for about a month now. Since I’ve had these in, I have maybe about an inch of new growth. My hair has never grown that fast any other time I’ve had a protective style in. I believe, I owe most of this growth to the vitamins. I am planning to take these twists out in a few days and am excited to see what my curls look like! The only con I’ve experienced while taking the vitamins is a break-out on my cheeks and forehead. Fortunately, the break-out has cleared up, and hopefully it won’t happen again. Despite this, I plan to continue to take the vitamins!


Have you been taking the Mane Choice Vitamin or something similar? Tell me about your experience! Pics coming soon of my new growth! Stay tuned for that and more, all right here on The Natural Hair Diary!


Yarn Twists: Protective Style

As all naturals know, it takes a lot to deal with a fro; every once in a while, you get tired and need a break! This happens to me A LOT. I love my curls, but sometimes I just need some rest. I recently took a trip to Miami for my little brother’s graduation and I decided this would be the perfect time to take a much needed break from my fro. So, I called up my friend, and got a protective style; yarn twists. Yes, you read that correctly; I said, yarn twists. Yarn twists have become a huge protective style for me. I have had them before, and fell in love. I just love the ease of them. It doesn’t take long to install them, or remove them; and, they cost so much less than buying several packs of hair. Even though I will be taking them down soon because my hair has been growing out of them like crazy, I will definitely be getting them again very soon! If you have been debating on whether to try this style, then I say go for it. You will not regret it!