Today I made a visit to Huetiful Salon to get my hair straightened and trimmed. When I walked in, I was excited to hear that my hair looked great and that it had grown tremendously. Unfortunately, I only got to hear one of those things. Thanks to the Mane Choice vitamins, my hair has grown considerably. However, that is the only reason it has grown.

I am sure we all get lazy sometimes when it comes to catering to our curls; and, that is exactly what has been happening to me lately. Because my hair shrinks so much, I can’t wear wash-n-go’s, and definitely can’t go a day without twisting my hair at night. Due to my recent laziness, my hairstylist had to give me a little lecture. It is hard to hear that you aren’t doing what you need to be doing when YOU think you’re doing everything right. I have been moisturizing hair daily and washing it on a regular basis; however, I haven’t been showing it the love that it so desperately needs.

I was not only neglecting my curls, but I was also using products that have done nothing for my hair. Today, in the midst of the lecture, my stylist recommended two products that would moisturize my curls and help them retain that moisture. Those two products that my stylist recommended were Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo and As I Am Double Butter Cream. Because I haven’t really been seeing much result with the products I am currently using now, I am definitely going try these products out and put an end to the laziness!


So, the moral of the story here is: ALWAYS show your curls love. If you do, they will show you love in return and GROW!


2 thoughts on “Hair LOVE

  1. Well, it’s good that you now know what you have to do to keep your curls happy. I love the Shea Moisture shampoo and I’ve yet to try the As I am Double Butter Cream. Please let us know how you like it!

    • Cherese, it is always a little discouraging to know that your curls aren’t as happy as they could be. But, you’re right! Now I know exactly what I need to do to change that. I will definitely be doing a product review on those products in a few weeks! Thanks for commenting!

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