Protective Style Challenge…Accepted!

The protective style challenge has been showing up all over social media for a while now. However, I haven’t really taken a real interest in it, until now. I love the fact that naturals are taking the time out to appreciate their hair, and themselves, and give it a break. Recently, I have been on a mission to treat my hair with as much love as possible. But, sometimes I get sidetracked by my own laziness. I have been lectured by my hairstylist about this laziness that I can’t seem to shake when it comes to maintaining the healthiness and happiness of my curls. So, to protect myself from anymore lectures, and to keep my hair healthy in this cold weather, I have decided to take on the protective style challenge!

Making the decision to accept this challenge was the easy part. Deciding what style to start with is a little harder. There is so much that I can choose from. I mean there is braids, twists, weave, pin-up styles, and so much more. Lately, I have been leaning towards diving into the world of curly/kinky weaves. The only problem with this is, I’m afraid I will get tired and frustrated with not being able to scratch my scalp. I have had weaves only two times in my life, and each time I took them out within a few weeks. Nonetheless, I am tempted to try again and see if I can actually hang with a weave for more than a couple weeks.

Because I am so indecisive, I would love some help deciding on which protective style I should start with. What style do you think I should try first? Drop your choice in the comments below!


I’m Back!

It has been two months since I wrote my last post. I hate that I had to take such a long break from writing, but sometimes you get so busy and caught up in other things that you forget to spend some time doing what you love the most. Recently, I obtained a new job at my alma mater, Clemson University. I currently work in the Office of Sponsored Programs as the Training and Communications Coordinator. Since getting this new job, I have been spending so much time trying to settle in, not only to a new position, but also in a new state and home. Now that I am almost completely settled in, I am making time to share some more of my natural hair experiences and knowledge with all my fellow naturalista’s! So, be on the look out for some new and exciting material!

It feels good to be back!