Protective Style Challenge…Accepted!

The protective style challenge has been showing up all over social media for a while now. However, I haven’t really taken a real interest in it, until now. I love the fact that naturals are taking the time out to appreciate their hair, and themselves, and give it a break. Recently, I have been on a mission to treat my hair with as much love as possible. But, sometimes I get sidetracked by my own laziness. I have been lectured by my hairstylist about this laziness that I can’t seem to shake when it comes to maintaining the healthiness and happiness of my curls. So, to protect myself from anymore lectures, and to keep my hair healthy in this cold weather, I have decided to take on the protective style challenge!

Making the decision to accept this challenge was the easy part. Deciding what style to start with is a little harder. There is so much that I can choose from. I mean there is braids, twists, weave, pin-up styles, and so much more. Lately, I have been leaning towards diving into the world of curly/kinky weaves. The only problem with this is, I’m afraid I will get tired and frustrated with not being able to scratch my scalp. I have had weaves only two times in my life, and each time I took them out within a few weeks. Nonetheless, I am tempted to try again and see if I can actually hang with a weave for more than a couple weeks.

Because I am so indecisive, I would love some help deciding on which protective style I should start with. What style do you think I should try first? Drop your choice in the comments below!


Yarn Twists: Protective Style

As all naturals know, it takes a lot to deal with a fro; every once in a while, you get tired and need a break! This happens to me A LOT. I love my curls, but sometimes I just need some rest. I recently took a trip to Miami for my little brother’s graduation and I decided this would be the perfect time to take a much needed break from my fro. So, I called up my friend, and got a protective style; yarn twists. Yes, you read that correctly; I said, yarn twists. Yarn twists have become a huge protective style for me. I have had them before, and fell in love. I just love the ease of them. It doesn’t take long to install them, or remove them; and, they cost so much less than buying several packs of hair. Even though I will be taking them down soon because my hair has been growing out of them like crazy, I will definitely be getting them again very soon! If you have been debating on whether to try this style, then I say go for it. You will not regret it! 


Oh, the Naturalbilities!

One of the many fun and unique things about natural hair is the fact that you never have to wear the same style twice; unless you want to. Being natural for almost three years, I have enjoyed the versatility that comes along with it. I love that I can change it up and wear my hair in a different style every single day. One day I may wear a twist-out, and another day I may come into the office with a sleek updo. In doing this, at times, I may have my coworkers wondering where I find time to do so much to my hair. But for me, there is always time because the possibilities are endless!

For those naturals, like me, who get bored with the same style but aren’t really knowledgeable about the many different styles out there, I am more than happy to provide you naturalistas with a style book of endless possibilities. Well, more like a style list with pictures and descriptions. But either way, it will get the job done!


I fell in LOVE with this style once I tried it. Using an old twist out, I pinned my hair up in the back using bobby pins and then left the front out. To spice it up a little, I added a red scarf.


This look is a favorite of mine and a go to when my straightened hair puffs up due to humidity. To achieve this look, all I did was add a little twist cream to my hair, twist it up, and then took out the twists in the morning. GORG!


Throwback! This was my signature style back when I did my big chop; the side part and slicked down edges. Loved it.


The classic puff; it is a great go to style when all else fails. To do my puff, I use a stretched out elastic headband. Putting it on my head the normal way you would a headband, I double it to make it tighter and push my hair up into a puff.


When you are having a bad hair day and don’t know what to do, grab a cute scarf, pin down the back of your hair, and tie the scarf where it totally covers the pinned down hair and leaves the front hair exposed. It makes for a cute and dressy style.


Protective styles are usually what I turn to when I am tired of my hair. My signature protective style is mini twists. They may take a while to do, but it is worth it when you can keep your hands off your hair for a while and just let it grow.


This is one of my lazy styles that can be worn to the store, work, or even on a night out. Using my mini twists from the previous picture, I just twisted them back into bigger twists creating this spicy little number.

The hawk, a cute, and sometimes, daring look that looks flattering on just about anybody. To achieve this adventurous look, braid the sides of your hair going up, and leave the center out.


Color is one of the things that make natural hair really POP. I am in love with this red auburn color by Garnier Fructis. It adds a little something extra to this look that was achieved by flat twisting the front of my hair and leaving the rest out.


This sassy number, courtesy of Georgia humidity, was achieved by allowing my straightened hair to puff back up into its natural state.

No matter what you decide to do to your hair, remember to work with what you’ve got! Don’t rely on just one style, take a chance and experiment. Natural hair is meant to be explored! 

What are your favorite styles? Share them, right here, on the Natural Hair Dairy!