I’m Back!

It has been two months since I wrote my last post. I hate that I had to take such a long break from writing, but sometimes you get so busy and caught up in other things that you forget to spend some time doing what you love the most. Recently, I obtained a new job at my alma mater, Clemson University. I currently work in the Office of Sponsored Programs as the Training and Communications Coordinator. Since getting this new job, I have been spending so much time trying to settle in, not only to a new position, but also in a new state and home. Now that I am almost completely settled in, I am making time to share some more of my natural hair experiences and knowledge with all my fellow naturalista’s! So, be on the look out for some new and exciting material!

It feels good to be back!


Digital Marketing: I Can Help!

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Are you a business or company looking to build your social media presence? Do you own your own business, salon, natural hair care products, or something similar, but are not savvy in the digital marketing field? In a world that is becoming more and more technologically centered, it is imperative to have a social media presence that will draw consumers to your product. As a Social Media Community Manager, I can help you create and build a social media presence that will increase your fan base on and offline.  If you are interested, please contact me at Clarissawillia@gmail.com.


Not convinced? Take a look at some of the Facebook pages I manage for different clients.