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Are you a business or company looking to build your social media presence? Do you own your own business, salon, natural hair care products, or something similar, but are not savvy in the digital marketing field? In a world that is becoming more and more technologically centered, it is imperative to have a social media presence that will draw consumers to your product. As a Social Media Community Manager, I can help you create and build a social media presence that will increase your fan base on and offline.  If you are interested, please contact me at


Not convinced? Take a look at some of the Facebook pages I manage for different clients.


Maintaining Your Curls

In the hot months, our curls can easily lose moisture and begin to break off. The best way to avoid this and protect our tresses is by hiding the ends of our hair. Up my sleeve, I have four simple, but cute, protective styles that will give your hair that much needed break. Check them out!

1. Decorative Scarf


Leaving most of the hair in twists or braids, and just a little bit of the hair out in the front, tie the twisted/braided hair down with a nice scarf, and leave a little hair out in the front to add a little funkiness.















2. Mini Twists


Mini twists are my favorite protective style, and are one of the best ways to hide and protect your ends for a long period of time. They are so versatile and extremely cute! Here, I have the back pinned up and the front out.

















3. Tuck and Roll


With the hair in small or medium twists, tuck and roll the back of the hair to create a cute pinned up style, with the front of the hair in a slight pompadour. This style allows for double protection. It hides the ends of the hair, first, with the mini twists, then with the tuck and roll.



















4. The Faux Bun


The faux bun is such a fun and easy style. To do it, put your hair in a ponytail, grab some Marley or regular braiding hair, place that hair in its on ponytail holder, then wrap that ponytail holder and the hair around your tresses until you create the perfect bun! This style is cute and it hides the ends of your curls, giving them the break they deserve.




















There you have it! Four easy, DIY protective styles that will hide those ends and keep your hair healthy!

Natural and on a Budget

If you are natural, I’m sure you can agree that natural hair products are not cheap. Usually, these products can range anywhere from $10-$40 and up. I don’t know about you, but spending $20-$40 on a hair product is a huge no, no for me; especially when that type of money can be used for something like gas. Even though I would love to consistently buy the Carol’s Daughters and the Miss Jessie’s products of the natural hair world, I know that there are products out there that work just as well and are half the price. Because I believe every naturalista should not have to break the bank buying quality products for their curls, I am more than happy to provide you curly divas with my top 10, under $10, amazing, but cheap, natural hair products.


  1. Taliah Waajid Clean-N-Curly Hydrating Shampoo- $8.37
  2. Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner – $4.98
  3. Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Therapy: Ultra Shea Cleanse and Nourish Shampoo– $4.98
  4. Shea Butter Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo- $9.99
  5. Eden Body Works All Natural Curl Defining Creme- $8.47
  6. 4 Naturals Afro Stretch Curl Cream- $9.88
  7. Taliah Waajid Curly Curl Cream- $8.29
  8. Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Deep Conditioning Protein Pack- $1.99
  9. Giovanni Direct Leave-in Conditioner- $6.39
  10. Eden Body Works Jojoba Monoi All Natural Deep Conditioner- $8.47

Mane Choice Vitamin: Six Week Update

It’s been six weeks since I’ve been taking the Mane Choice Vitamins. In my last update, I was raving about the vitamins; and, I still am. I am pleasantly surprised, and extremely pleased, with the amount of growth I have seen since I first started taking them. Currently, I have yarn twists in that I’ve had in for about a month now. Since I’ve had these in, I have maybe about an inch of new growth. My hair has never grown that fast any other time I’ve had a protective style in. I believe, I owe most of this growth to the vitamins. I am planning to take these twists out in a few days and am excited to see what my curls look like! The only con I’ve experienced while taking the vitamins is a break-out on my cheeks and forehead. Fortunately, the break-out has cleared up, and hopefully it won’t happen again. Despite this, I plan to continue to take the vitamins!


Have you been taking the Mane Choice Vitamin or something similar? Tell me about your experience! Pics coming soon of my new growth! Stay tuned for that and more, all right here on The Natural Hair Diary!

Yarn Twists: Protective Style

As all naturals know, it takes a lot to deal with a fro; every once in a while, you get tired and need a break! This happens to me A LOT. I love my curls, but sometimes I just need some rest. I recently took a trip to Miami for my little brother’s graduation and I decided this would be the perfect time to take a much needed break from my fro. So, I called up my friend, and got a protective style; yarn twists. Yes, you read that correctly; I said, yarn twists. Yarn twists have become a huge protective style for me. I have had them before, and fell in love. I just love the ease of them. It doesn’t take long to install them, or remove them; and, they cost so much less than buying several packs of hair. Even though I will be taking them down soon because my hair has been growing out of them like crazy, I will definitely be getting them again very soon! If you have been debating on whether to try this style, then I say go for it. You will not regret it! 


2 Week Update

As many of you know, there are several hair growth vitamins being produced today. Per my hairdresser’s advice, I decided to try one of these vitamins. I have been taking the Mane Choice Vitamin for about 2 1/2 weeks now, and I have to say, I have seen some growth. My curls have started to drop and I feel as though my hair is a little healthier than it was before I started taking the vitamins. Since starting the vitamins, I have not changed my hair routine. I still moisturize daily with water, olive oil, and shea butter. I have admit, I was skeptical about taking the vitamins at first; however, now I’m happy I did. I’m so excited to see what type of growth I will get once I have reached the one month mark.

Stay tuned to see how  my healthy hair growth journey is going!

Discovering Your Hair Texture

After the big chop, it is easy to become uncertain about your hair texture. Every natural is different, we all don’t have the same hair texture and it is highly unlikely that after relaxing our hair for many years, and reverting back to natural, that we will have the exact same hair texture we had when we were younger. So, after the “big chop” it is imperative that, we as naturals, discover our hair texture or our curl pattern. There three main different types of curl patterns: the wavy, curly, and coily pattern.

The wavy curl pattern has more of a looser curl, while the curly pattern has more of a spiral curl, and the coily hair texture has more of a tight curl that is in more of a kinky, z-pattern. When I big chopped, I was disappointed to discover that I didn’t have the loose, spiral curl pattern. Instead, I have the kinky, tight curl pattern. Within this curl pattern there are three sub types: Type 4A, type 4B, and type 4C. Naturals with type 4A hair have a very tight, visible curl, unlike naturalistas with type 4B and 4C hair textures. With the type 4B hair texture, it is hard to find a defined curl pattern. Instead of having a very defined curl pattern, type 4B hair tends to situate itself in more of a Z-pattern; meaning, it zig-zags instead of curls. Type 4C hair is somewhat like type 4B hair in that it doesn’t have an extremely defined curl pattern, but unlike 4B hair, 4C hair does appear to have more of a coiling to it instead of a defined curl pattern.

Once I became natural, it took time for me to discover what my hair texture was. Initially, before doing the big chop I wanted so badly for my hair to be very, recognizably, curly. Well, that is definitely not the case. After doing much research, I came to the conclusion that my hair is mix of 4B and 4C. When I have product on my hair, it has very tight, defined curls. However, without product, my hair is somewhat curless, and extremely coily. Before natural, we seem to have an idea of what we want hair to look like, but after becoming natural, we realize that our hair texture is completely different from what we wanted or believed it would be. But, that’s why we have products to give our hair that extra natural “umph,” that sometimes it needs. As naturals, there is a variety of curl patterns. That’s the amazing thing about natural hair!

You know what my hair texture is, now I want to know yours! Comment below with your hair type! 

Keep an eye for my next post, “So you know your hair texture… now how do work with it?”