Natural at ANY Age

oldernaturalcollage-300x99Contrary to what people may think, natural hair is not specific to younger aged women. Any woman, at any age, can wear her natural curls and rock them. My love for the older, but stunning, natural woman stems from my mother. When my sisters and I decided to go natural, my mother, who is over 50, took the plunge as well. I was so inspired by her boldness and her willingness to do something as frightening as reverting back to her natural curls, after decades of having permed hair, that when she suggested I write this post, I knew I had to.

I have been following my mother’s natural hair journey ever since she made the “big” decision, and I have seen how hard it is for a woman her age to maintain her tresses. It has been so hard in fact, that she has decided to go back to a relaxer. I was originally upset about her decision to revert back to the “creamy crack,” but after much thought, I realized that it was something she had to do for her. Going natural is hard for any woman no matter how old, but going natural for an older woman may be just a little harder. Because women over the age of 50 are experiencing different changes in their body due to menopause and other things, their hair may not grow as fast as a younger woman’s would, or it may be thinner than what it was several years ago. However, these complications do not stop older women from being natural and happy. Even though I have heard my mother is no longer natural, I am extremely proud of her for sticking it out for 2 years.

Since my mother has went back to a relaxer, I have realized that there are no special tricks that will work for the maintenance of an older woman’s curls that wouldn’t work for a younger woman’s. It all comes down to taking the time and having the patience to find what works best for your hair. Once you do, being natural at any age becomes a lot easier.

So ladies, be on the lookout for those spicy salt and pepper fros, and remember, natural is made for everybody, no matter the age!


Discovering Your Hair Texture

After the big chop, it is easy to become uncertain about your hair texture. Every natural is different, we all don’t have the same hair texture and it is highly unlikely that after relaxing our hair for many years, and reverting back to natural, that we will have the exact same hair texture we had when we were younger. So, after the “big chop” it is imperative that, we as naturals, discover our hair texture or our curl pattern. There three main different types of curl patterns: the wavy, curly, and coily pattern.

The wavy curl pattern has more of a looser curl, while the curly pattern has more of a spiral curl, and the coily hair texture has more of a tight curl that is in more of a kinky, z-pattern. When I big chopped, I was disappointed to discover that I didn’t have the loose, spiral curl pattern. Instead, I have the kinky, tight curl pattern. Within this curl pattern there are three sub types: Type 4A, type 4B, and type 4C. Naturals with type 4A hair have a very tight, visible curl, unlike naturalistas with type 4B and 4C hair textures. With the type 4B hair texture, it is hard to find a defined curl pattern. Instead of having a very defined curl pattern, type 4B hair tends to situate itself in more of a Z-pattern; meaning, it zig-zags instead of curls. Type 4C hair is somewhat like type 4B hair in that it doesn’t have an extremely defined curl pattern, but unlike 4B hair, 4C hair does appear to have more of a coiling to it instead of a defined curl pattern.

Once I became natural, it took time for me to discover what my hair texture was. Initially, before doing the big chop I wanted so badly for my hair to be very, recognizably, curly. Well, that is definitely not the case. After doing much research, I came to the conclusion that my hair is mix of 4B and 4C. When I have product on my hair, it has very tight, defined curls. However, without product, my hair is somewhat curless, and extremely coily. Before natural, we seem to have an idea of what we want hair to look like, but after becoming natural, we realize that our hair texture is completely different from what we wanted or believed it would be. But, that’s why we have products to give our hair that extra natural “umph,” that sometimes it needs. As naturals, there is a variety of curl patterns. That’s the amazing thing about natural hair!

You know what my hair texture is, now I want to know yours! Comment below with your hair type! 

Keep an eye for my next post, “So you know your hair texture… now how do work with it?” 

#Naturalgirlproblems Spotlight

This week’s #Naturalgirlproblems spotlight is on Chaniece! Here is her #Naturalgirlproblem comment:

“When your cute bantu knot out or twist out, puffs up due to humidity.”


I can totally relate to your natural girl problem. I HATE when I have a bangin’ twist out then, when I walk outside, my curls turn into a matted, poofed up mess. I love big hair, but not extremely noticeable poofy hair. Unfortunately, there is no way to combat this natural girl problem. The only thing we can do is embrace it!

Naturalista’s! We all have those pesky natural girl problems. So, why not share them! Post a comment underneath the natural girl problems logo, and don’t forget to include #Naturalgirlproblems. Your comment might just be featured right here on The Natural Hair Diary! Thanks for the comment Chaniece!

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