The SECRET to Embracing the Natural You

In the midst of the transitioning, the big chop, and all the other natural hair craziness, we can get lost and forget the most important thing about being natural… the enjoyment and fulfillment it brings. When we, as black women, make the decision to get out of our comfort zones, step away from what the world deems “beautiful,” and go natural, we are embracing a part of ourselves that has been hidden, and has finally been found and reestablished; we are taking back what has been lost and ultimately finding ourselves, once again; we are embracing the naturalness within. To me, being natural is not just about letting go of a relaxer. It is about stepping out of the box and doing something that truly represents your inner beauty. Being natural is about having an inner confidence that resonates on the outside. It is about taking that natural beauty and making it your own. It is about doing something that ultimately defines you

When going natural, we can oftentimes forget that we did it not for the world, not for our friends or family, but for US. We can easily let the world persuade us that naturalness is unattractive or abnormal, and as a result, we forget about us and focus on what the world is saying; thus, abandoning our naturalness. I can admit that becoming natural isn’t an easy decision to make. However, when one makes the decision to become natural, they have to make it with assurance in knowing that being natural is the way they want to go. Once that decision is made, embracing the natural YOU should be an everyday occurrence and not a once in a while thing.

For me, being natural is empowering. I love knowing that I was strong enough to make a change despite what society may deem beautiful. Since becoming natural, I have never felt the need to return to being relaxed. I may have my natural hair bad days where my curls don’t do what I want them to, but I deal with it and remember why I decided to become natural in the first place. Every day I wake up in the morning, undo my twist-out or braid-out, and look in the mirror at my fro, and I smile. Being natural for me has been an amazing experience and I will never look back. I love my natural beauty and I love the statement it makes. So, whether you have boisterous curls, kinky coils, long dreads, a TWA, or a huge fro, EMBRACE IT and love you, for you. Natural is beautiful; never forget that.


And that, my natural gals, is the  SECRET to embracing the natural YOU.


Yarn Twists: Protective Style

As all naturals know, it takes a lot to deal with a fro; every once in a while, you get tired and need a break! This happens to me A LOT. I love my curls, but sometimes I just need some rest. I recently took a trip to Miami for my little brother’s graduation and I decided this would be the perfect time to take a much needed break from my fro. So, I called up my friend, and got a protective style; yarn twists. Yes, you read that correctly; I said, yarn twists. Yarn twists have become a huge protective style for me. I have had them before, and fell in love. I just love the ease of them. It doesn’t take long to install them, or remove them; and, they cost so much less than buying several packs of hair. Even though I will be taking them down soon because my hair has been growing out of them like crazy, I will definitely be getting them again very soon! If you have been debating on whether to try this style, then I say go for it. You will not regret it! 



Have you ever had to twist or braid your hair every night, and if you didn’t, you would wake up in the morning with your fro stuck to your head and more frizz than curls? This has happened to all naturals at some point, I’m sure. I mean sometimes, we are just too tired to twist or braid our hair up at night. But, if we don’t and it is messed up in the morning, we can always trust the puff to make our hair look halfway decent!

I’ve shared one of my #naturalgirlproblems with you, now you share yours with me! Comment below with #naturalgirlproblems and your  comment just might be featured on The Natural Hair Diary!