One of THOSE Weeks…

I have come upon “one of those weeks.” It is one of those weeks where my hair doesn’t want to act right, and I in turn, am getting tired of it. In the last few days, I have had my hair in a bun, a twist out, a puff, and a wash-n-go. I never manipulate my hair this much, but it is just one of those weeks where nothing is working! This, my natural sista’s, is definitely a #naturalgirlproblem!

It has been at least three months since I have had a trim and my hair is feeling it! I have been taking the Mane Choice Vitamins for about three months and my hair has grown TREMENDOUSLY! I know that this rapid growth is contributing to my hair needing a major trim! However, I am LOVING the Mane Choice Vitamins and how they are promoting growth! So, I guess you could say this makes my #naturalgirlproblem alright.

Have any natural girl problem moments? Share them with me! Maybe your problem may help another fellow natural! Be on the look out for photos of my growth!




Have you ever had to twist or braid your hair every night, and if you didn’t, you would wake up in the morning with your fro stuck to your head and more frizz than curls? This has happened to all naturals at some point, I’m sure. I mean sometimes, we are just too tired to twist or braid our hair up at night. But, if we don’t and it is messed up in the morning, we can always trust the puff to make our hair look halfway decent!

I’ve shared one of my #naturalgirlproblems with you, now you share yours with me! Comment below with #naturalgirlproblems and your  comment just might be featured on The Natural Hair Diary! 

#Naturalgirlproblems Spotlight

This week’s #Naturalgirlproblems spotlight is on Chaniece! Here is her #Naturalgirlproblem comment:

“When your cute bantu knot out or twist out, puffs up due to humidity.”


I can totally relate to your natural girl problem. I HATE when I have a bangin’ twist out then, when I walk outside, my curls turn into a matted, poofed up mess. I love big hair, but not extremely noticeable poofy hair. Unfortunately, there is no way to combat this natural girl problem. The only thing we can do is embrace it!

Naturalista’s! We all have those pesky natural girl problems. So, why not share them! Post a comment underneath the natural girl problems logo, and don’t forget to include #Naturalgirlproblems. Your comment might just be featured right here on The Natural Hair Diary! Thanks for the comment Chaniece!

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